Steel reinforcing

Steel reinforcing

The Williams Group stock a comprehensive range of steel reinforcing products and accessories including Fabric, Trench Mesh, Rebar, Starter and Corner Bars, Ligatures, Dowels and Sleeves, Chairs and Deck Spacers. Welded strip footing and bored pier cages are made to order.

We can also supply your Waffel Pod Raft Slabs and Bondek requirements.

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stack of steel reinforcing sheets


Our Ballina Store has a made to order service for steel reinforcing orders that is unique to the region. We offer a professional estimating service from your architectural or engineering plans. This guarantees you get the right product to your site everytime.

Available from our network of Building Supplies stores, which all have easy access yards for ease of loading or a fleet of modern vehicles to deliver to your site as required.

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